Alessandra is an American Politician, Attorney, & Activist.

She believes that changing policy is the most robust way to shape a more fair and just world.

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As a policy expert, AB works with organizations, individuals, and campaigns, to help them shape their policy goals and achieve tangible results.


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In 2018, Alessandra defeated the powerful head of the IDC to put Democrats back in full control of New York’s State Senate, for the first time in 100 years.

During her time in the New York State Senate, she served as chair of the Ethics and Internal Governance Committee, and as a member of the committees for Aging, Agriculture, Codes, Health, Judiciary, Rules, and Investigations & Government Operations.

She also served as a member of both the Bipartisan Pro-Choice Legislative Caucus, the Legislative Women’s Caucus, and as the Vice President of the Italian American Legislators Conference.

Survivor Justice



In just her first two days in office, she helped expand voting and LGBTQIA+ rights. In her first two months in office, Senator Biaggi – herself a sexual abuse survivor – chaired the first public hearings in 27 years on sexual harassment in the workplace and led the charge in New York to pass some of the strongest legislation in the country to strengthen protections for survivors and holds employers accountable for addressing sexual misconduct.

She also championed the passage of Erin's Law, the Child Victims Act, the Adult Survivors Act, and was the prime sponsor of the Healthy Terminals Act, giving tens of thousands of airport workers access to fair wages and affordable healthcare.

Working with her colleagues in the Democratic conference, Senator Biaggi worked to pass transformational legislation including tenant-centered housing reforms, the strongest climate change law in the country, unprecedented criminal justice reform, nursing home regulations that protect seniors, and common sense gun safety legislation.
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"I am driven by a duty to serve, to use all the legal tools at our disposal to create a more equitable and humane world."

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